Thursday, March 25, 2010

No, Really???

I took Ben to the orthopedic for a follow-up for his knee. It is slightly improved, so we are to continue the same treatment and return in a month...which means six weeks because in a month we'll be in Cincinnati.

While he was talking to the orthopedic, he mentioned that his hip hurt and pointed to his belly button. The doctor was so gracious. This big hulk of a guy just sat down next to Ben and chatted with him for a while and then checked his abdomen. He poked and prodded, then had Ben lift his head while lying on his back. He then blithely said, "He has an umbilical hernia that needs to be repaired."

Um. I'm sorry. This really doesn't fit. How do I manage to have two children undergo surgery in two different states and then recover at the same time? May I please have a do over?

After having to look up the surgeon's number again (ok, I really had Billy look it up because I had had no food and had only my blackberry with me and wasn't firing on all cylinders.), I finally put it in my Blackberry. This will be the third Coleman child on which this surgeon will practice his skill. Most people don't have the phone number for surgeons listed in their phone...I could move to LA, write for a soap opera, and never run out of material. Really. This is getting a little unbelievable.