Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Know You Are in Trouble When...

They start to recognize you. You walk into the ER and the guy that greets you says, "I remember you. When is his birthday?" I suppose that if he had remembered Will's birthday, then we would have really been in trouble. :)

So, yes, we were back in the ER today. There was the headache, the random pain (neuropathy), the "not feeling well", combined with the mean-as-a-snake attitude. Um, why don't we check that blood pressure? Um, why don't you go get your shoes and your ER bag?

So we arrived at our favorite ER at a good time. They weren't prepared for us despite calling our doctor, but they very graciously listened (yes, we have seen this doctor before) and did exactly what we needed. Part way through the eval, our favorite nurse walked in. I had looked for her when we arrived but didn't see her. Unfortunately, our nurse wasn't willing to switch, despite Diana asking her to do so, so we didn't get to see her much, but it was wonderful to see a familiar face.

Will's bp did drop to 80/33 which was a bit guaranteed us a couple of nurses pretty promptly. :) Fortunately, we got here in time before it reached crisis point, and the infusion is doing its job...while his bp is anything but great, he is at least more stable.

We should finish here soon...our nurse at home is contacting Dr. T to request a second infusion each week to try to stabilize this bp. Not sure what the next few weeks/months hold as we head toward these surgeries, but fortuntely, I don't have to worry about that. That is totally in the Lord's hands. All I have to manage is today. And as for today, we were very blessed with good care, and amazing son who filled in the gap, and Beth who helped calm Caroline when I had to leave...again.

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