Friday, April 16, 2010

Cincinnati Children's Medical Center

For the quick update...well, those of you familiar with me will know there is no such thing as a quick update. :)

The flight south was lovely. We had great weather and a very pleasant pilot. When we landed, we peeled off jackets. We left chilly Toledo and entered very warm and sunny Cincinnati. I packed zero shorts or sandals or capris, so I was regretting that decision. The weather is changing today, though, so it will once again be chilly.

The family who offered to host us is beyond amazing. They have welcomed us into their home and made us feel so very welcome. They have been more thoughtful and caring than I ever would have imagined. We have been so blessed.

Yesterday was pre-op. It was supposed to be orthopedics at 1245, neurosurgery at 2, and anesthesia at 3. Dr. Crawford's fellow decided that he would want an xray. Once that was done, we chatted with her and then with Dr. Crawford. He was great with Will and explained that he puts in the plate, rod, screws, and bone graft, but the Lord knits it together. :) Dr. Crawford explained the surgery to Will, including the little tidbit of the collar Will will have to wear 24/7 for the next 6 weeks. By this time, it is now 245, so instead of neurosurgery, they send us to anesthesia. The anesthesiologist on calls begins the interview, then quickly retrieves Dr. Istaphanous (George) who will be the anesthesiologist to actually be involved in the surgery. George is by far my favorite anesthesiologist ever. The next hour and a half is spent providing him with a medical history. He decides very quickly to order an echo ("Yes, I need it done right now.") and a cardiology consult. ("Are you kidding? The cardiologist didn't do an echo or EKG?") Really, I like this guy. ;) Billy and Will were sent off for an echo while I finished the medical history with George. By the time we finished, he had about an inch of paper to read and had a "deer in the headlights" look about him. He told us to bring him chocolate for surgery. :) He totally deserves it! Mimi from neurosurgery met Billy at cardiology and had him sign their paperwork. Then to the lab we went.

This morning, we arrived at the hospital and our room was quickly filled with a ton of people. George had ordered a bolus of fluid for Will and a cardiology consult. The cardiology consult had to occur before George would allow anything else to move forward. He finally gave the clear for surgery, and they quickly got Will prepped and hydrated. He was heading to the OR by 1145.

George did come out a little while ago to let us know that Will was tolerating anesthesia well. Understand that anesthesia drugs lower your blood pressure. If you are already hypotensive, then the anesthesia drugs can put you in a crisis. Due to his diligence, that has not happened. George did laugh and tell us that Will was giving him an ulcer, but the chocolate was good. :)

So, we are now in a waiting game...Will will be in surgery until at least 5 and maybe later. I will post an update as soon as possible thereafter.

We deeply appreciate the prayers, the texts, the emails, and the support you all have shown us. We are in a state where we know one family, but we are encouraged to know that you are praying.

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