Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just For the Record

Many of you know that I do not like to ask for help or ask anyone to go out of their way for me. I mean, really, if it is my responsibility, then it is my responsibility. Now I have no idea why the Lord decided to put this insanity in our lives, but I have a feeling that my learning to ask for or accept help is part of His grand plan.

So, just for the record, I'm letting everyone know that, yes, I did ask for help. You see, when you request an Angel Flight, you are asking someone to not only go out of their way, but to use an expensive resource that uses expensive gas and to take a day our of their life to fly you somewhere. Now, they don't take you for a day at the beach, which would be incredibly lovely, but they do take you to a distant medical appointment. Hmmm...what was I thinking? We could have a medical appointment at the beach..Nah. We only go to cold destinations for doctor appointments.

So, Matt, the pilot who flew us the first leg of the trip going to Ohio, called and asked if he could fly us home which meant that I was going to have to..gulp...let him know when we were going to be ready to go and ask him if he was still interested. Oh, dear. I'm not so great at this. It took a huge effort to actually request flights, but that was fairly anonymous. You email your information to Cathy, and she sends out the requests for flights. But here, I was going to have to actually call Matt and ask him to fly us home.

But I did. And he very graciously did so. He arrived in Cincinnati a little after 430 this afternoon. We met him with a sandwich (figuring he would be hungry...and he was!) from Bruegers, then we loaded the plane. In the midst of this, he talks with Billy and decides that he wants to take us all the way to Shannon instead of to Farmville. So, Billy graciously accepts (because we all know I could not!), I cancel the rental car, we load Will into the back seat with pillows and blankets, and we take off.

The next three hours were spent with Will resting comfortably while Matt and I had a great conversation...from flying to families to churches to...and when we were a little out of Fredericksburg, he actually let for a little while. It was so amazing. We banked, we climbed, we dropped in altitude, and we all three had a blast. It was so good to laugh and just...relax for a little while.

So, just for the record, not only did I ask for help, but it was enjoyable...all in an effort to get William home safely and with as little pain as possible. So, Matt, thank you for your incredible generosity, and thank you, Angel Flight, for the amazingly helpful assistance that you provide.


Kirk & Angela said...

What wonderful work they do! And trusting the Lord while you fly a plane and while you're on this ride during this season of your life? I see a pattern!

Good girl. I'm proud of you. For asking for help and for many, many other things!

Welcome home!

jessi said...

I know how you feel in asking for help! I imagine that forcing you to ask for help is just one of the many ways that God is working even these "sufferings for the present time" for your good!
Romans 8:18
"For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us."