Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Itinerary Vs. the Budget

It has been brought to my attention that I have been less than informative regarding Will and the current travel plans. There has been a reason...mainly that due to financial concerns, the itinerary was put on hold. Doing what is best for Will and doing what is best for our budget are totally different things at the moment. So, while the uncertainty remains, here is what I do know.

Will has essentially had three infusions for the last few weeks. Whether it is due to spring allergies, the recent bout of global warming (Hello, JEEP!), or simply a worsening, Will has needed more fluids and more care than in previous weeks. Dr. T has recommended daily intake of Gatorade or similar electrolyte replacement beverages and salt tablets. That is the short version...

As for the impending excursion to the stunning destination of Ohio...

We were approved and scheduled for Angel Flights. Will and I fly Sunday, the 11th, to Toledo. The first pilot will pick us up in Fredericksburg at Shannon Airport and fly us to Pennsylvania. A second pilot will meet us there and fly us the rest of the way to Toledo. Enterprise will deposit a rental at the airport for us, and we will return it to the same airport Friday, the 16th, when another pilot with Angel Flight will pick us up and fly us to Cincinnati. At Lunken in Cincinnati, Enterprise will have another vehicle for us.

We meet with Dr. Grubb on Monday, the 12th. We have to allow a minimum of one day for testing, should any be ordered. William will need an infusion Tuesday as well. Since we fly on Friday, he also has to be infused on Thursday. That leaves Wednesday as the only totally open day.

Billy will drive to meet us sometime over the weekend of the 17th and 18th. Will's pre-op appointment is Monday, April 19th. Surgery is early on the 20th.

Now...while this is the current plan, we're still working out the finances. The Angel Flights are donated, so we have no cost there. But I do have to figure out how to pack the 45 lb of medical equipment in a fashion that is manageable. We also are allowed only 50 lb of luggage, so today's job is to do laundry and determine if any clothes need to be shipped ahead.

The real expenses are hotel, car, and food for basically three weeks with loads of variables thrown in. Toledo expenses are easy to determine. The hotel, refrigerator for IV fluids, car, and food can all be just under $1,000. The real issue is Cincinnati. Our lodging there can range from free (a family has offered to host us, but we have not been in contact with them, so we are still uncertain), to $20 per night for the Ronald McDonald House (where you put your name on a list and they call when a room opens and you finally are at the top of the list), to $80/night at the local Holiday Inn Express that works with the hospital. The rental car there will only be for two days, so that isn't horrific. Then there is food. Eating away from home for almost three weeks is a bit pricey.

So, the reason for the itinerary issues is that if all does not go well, we're looking at $3,000 for the full time. If all goes very well, that number falls to a little over $2,000. When almost $10,000 in medical bills is sitting on your desk, those numbers are a bit insurmountable...which leads us to determining if there is any way to do this any more inexpensively without compromising Will's stability.

So the prayer at this point is that the Angel Flights don't get cancelled last minute. The other prayer is that the finances are truly available...without guns, masks, and a bank being involved. :)


MamaHam said...

Ugh, I so understand your problem. Tough Tough Tough STUFF!!! I will pray for you....I'm right there with ya!

Anonymous said...

Golly, I hope no one was pushy about updating your blog! (Looking around to see if anyone pinpoints me!)

Praying for all the concerns listed and many more. Many, many more!

Angie D