Tuesday, April 27, 2010

O-Hi-Ho, Hi Ho...

We have an appointment in Cleveland on Monday. I knew we had this appointment, but I called Cincinnati yesterday to get our post-op appointments made, figuring I'd reschedule Cleveland to coincide with our return to Cincinnati. Now wouldn't that have been convenient.

But, apparently, that is not gonna happen. Cleveland will see us either Monday or in September. Seriously. So, I called Dr. Cohen's nurse and asked if it would be a major issue if we waited. And she said, "The labs from December are all finally back. It would be better for you to come Monday." I explained that Will had just had major surgery and it would be better for him to wait. Nope. She didn't budge. If there is any way to make it, you should.

What exactly does that mean? I mean, is the news in the lab work so bad that we need to address it right away? Wouldn't bad news have created a phone call? I do not want to drag a kid who just had major neck/head/spine surgery around the country if I don't have to...but apparently, it is considered in his best interest to go.

So yesterday was spent emailing Angel Flight and requesting a flight. Again. I hated asking again, but it really is better for Will to not spend 11 hours in a car. Cathy said she would put the request out, but we still have to prepare for a drive. (How often in one month do you change the oil in YOUR car?) I made hotel reservations. At least this time I knew which hotel to call, so I didn't have to spend half a day trying to find one. All that is left is a rental car, and that will wait until we know if we need one. But even there, experience finally wins out, and I know how to handle that one too.

So, travel with Will to the wilds of Ohio is getting more manageable in terms of preparation, but not in terms of stress on the family. Poor Caroline looked at me with huge eyes and said, "You are leaving again?!" Yes. I have to leave again. This morning, she asked me if Will had always had this problem with his neck. Will he always be this way? Ugh. It breaks my heart for her to ask such questions and for me to have no answers that can reassure, except to say that the Lord knows and cares for Will just like he does for Sweet Caroline.

So, the suitcases are finally unpacked and laundry is almost caught up, but the suitcases are hardly cold before they are needed again. And just think. We get to go back to Ohio in about a month for the post-op visits!


Caty Winyard said...

Oh Mom.... I'm so sorry! It's times like these where I wish I was still there, or at least in a place where I could help you pack, stay with the kids, do ANYTHING! I am praying for you and everyone at home.

MrsC said...

Oh, my dear KT, I wish you were still here too, but only because I am selfish. Mrs. B is totally amazing and willing to help in so many ways. She, I am sure, would appreciate your prayers as much as I do since she once again is going to ride in and save the day! I love you!

Kirk & Angela said...

Preparing for back up here!

Praying accordinlgy (and sighing heavily)!