Friday, April 23, 2010

Home to Virginia

Matt, our favorite pilot, called last night and asked if we could fly home this evening instead of tomorrow. There is a front with rain and thunderstorms moving in here in Cincinnati, so today would be much better for him. So, with a little scrambling, we were able to set up a car in Farmville, the airport into which we will fly, and Will and I will drive the remaining two hours home from there. So, provided Will handles the travel well, we should be home later tonight.

Yesterday, William did amazingly well. He was feeling great, pain was minimal to nonexistent, and he had really wanted to see the movie, "Oceans", so we took him across the river to Newport to see it. Well, that was too much. Today, he still has minimal pain, but he is happy only when horizontal. He has zero energy.

We saw the doctor this morning and Will was cleared for travel. Billy has dropped us off at the RMH so I could pack while he found a Verizon store to deal with his Blackberry. Yes, Toto, we are in Ohio, the land of the dead Blackberry. :) We should be leaving here by 330 to head to the airport to meet Matt.

So, while there is a long recovery ahead, there is hope that the bones will fuse and that stage 2 can begin. Thank you, all, for the prayers, emails, e-cards, cards, and care packages. They have been such an encouragement to us and a testimony to those around us. We are truly blessed.

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Angie said...

We're doing the happy dance because you're homeward bound!