Sunday, April 18, 2010

Will Graduated!

Well, about two hours ago, Will was evicted from ICU and welcomed to Building A, Room 713...or for those who want to know how his room is identified inside the hospital, it is A713. So, the good news is that there have been no more episodes of shaking and blurry vision. Bad news is that we have no clue what precipitated it.

As for events of the day...glad ya asked...

Will's PCA was pulled, which means that he no longer has the special blue button that dispenses narcotics directly into his port. He is on mostly oral pain meds with the addition of an IV muscle relaxant...the neck spasms are painful from this surgery. They did pull the PCA, kinda neglected to get pain meds on board, then transferred him. So, we did have to overcome the pain, but an additional shot of those lovely narcotics in one of his other IV's appears to have worked...if his snoring is any indication. :)

Food is a bit of an issue. I had called ahead to the nutrition department to alert them to Will's impending arrival, but I never actually let them know the surgery date was moved. So, with it being the weekend, Billy has learned the way to Whole Foods quite well. The Nutrition Dept tech is amazing, though. Billy is heading to Whole Foods once again for some rice protein powder, and they are going to make Will some smoothies.

We also are on a quest to find another mask for his CPAP. His current mask is held on by straps that go behind his head. Well, given the brace, the pain, and the location of the incision, that is totally not going to work. The last two days have had so little or such interrupted sleep, that he never hit that deep dream-stage sleep where his apnea magically appears. Until today. They are trying to locate a mask that would work...which would be good because sitting here typing this, I am listening to him snore...not breathe...snore. Hmmm...guess all of those drugs are kicking in and he finally hit that deep sleep he has been needing! Time to figure out the mask thing...

Food has been a bit scarce today given all of the commotion, but thanks to the Riggs, I have been well cared for. They left us with coffee cake and fruit and the even more important brownies. :) What else do you need if you have chocolate???

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad he's getting deep sleep even if it's due to better living through pharmaceuticals!

I hope they stay on top of the pain meds and find a mask NOW!

Thanks for the update. I miss you!!!

Angei D