Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hanging out in MCV...

We are still inpatient at MCV in their Progressive Care Unit. The first night here was fairly quiet, but last night was very much not. Our "neighbor" in the curtained area next to us is a bit unhappy and the aunt staying with her is not all that patient.

Our nurses on the floor have been phenomenal. We really have been blessed. They listened when I was concerned, hugged me when I cried, and handled Will with humor and graciousness. William's blood pressure can be challenging to maintain. With the large influx of fluids, it should have been totally stable, but yesterday afternoon, we saw a drop beginning. The nurse called the resident who said she wasn't worried about the numbers. I, however, saw that Will was fading and said, "Um, yeah. Not a good answer. He needs an influx of fluids despite the vast quantities he has received." The nurse quickly called the doctor back who ordered half a liter of normal saline and within the hour, Will was cracking jokes and was ridiculously giddy. Yeah, this is the kid we know and love. So, why he needed a bolus of fluid after receiving so much fluid is really beyond my understanding. It will be good to chat with Dr. Teasley this morning.

On a side note, Dr. T is ordering a new sleep study. She has an associate who read an article regarding sleep apnea and its correlation to POTS and immediately thought of William. So they are trying to get a new sleep study ordered for Will before we head to Ohio. She simply has never agreed with the diagnosis Will received from the sleep study we had performed. Due to the brain compression, he should have central sleep apnea. In other words, his brain is not telling his muscles and lungs to breathe when he sleeps. However, he was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. So she wants Will to see her associate for an evaluation that she trusts.

We hopefully will be discharged today. We should know in a couple of hours. Hopefully yesterday's blip will not delay our return home...

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