Saturday, October 30, 2010

There's No Place Like Home, Toto

With strong instructions to appear at the sleep study Sunday night, Dr. T discharged us Friday. Her presumption is that Will's bp must be dropping every night at 4 am. One of the doctors who worked at MCV in their sleep study department is now at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, so if we need any follow up before the surgery, Dr. T's office will arrange to have us seen while in Ohio later this week. So, she has approved us for travel and for surgery.

At about the time of discharge, I received the call from Angel Flight. We have a flight to Cincinnati Tuesday. Our return is still uncertain, but since the date of our return is uncertain, I am not worried about it.

Upon our arrival home, Erlene had made dinner (for which I was so thankful...I have hardly slept all week!), and Charlene graciously rescheduled, then waited for me to show up for, my haircut. (Never underestimate the power of a haircut when exhausted.) :) I walked in the door, she hugged me, I cried, and she said, "Red or white?" I laughed, realized I would be there for an hour, and said, "Red." I had a good cry, a great hair cut, a glass of wine, and was able to breathe. What a long week...

Our IV company delivered all of our IV supplies for the coming ten days. Ever seen a styrofoam cooler the size of a footlocker? Well, it is sitting in the middle of my kitchen. So, apparently I am going to have to get all of the laundry washed, dried, boxed, and shipped to our hotel because there is no way we will make our weight limitation due to medical supplies alone.

My computer battery is the last thing I wanna say is thank you. We have been immeasurably blessed. While this was an unbelievably difficult week, our physical needs were met with such grace and extravagance. We not only have an incredible blender and sufficient financial resources with which to make the trip comfortably, but I bought zero meals at the hospital. My son-in-law made me an amazing breakfast twice, a friend brought stew and played the Wii with Will (and enough food to feed an army!), and another friend supplied Subway. So not only were the physical needs met, but the emotional support represented by each was huge. To know that we are loved and cherished is a gift immeasurable. The hospital can be a very lonely place. Thanks seems insufficient...

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