Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow...Tomorrow...No, Tomorrow...

We are being discharged tomorrow...or at least that is what I hear...but I have heard those words since...Tuesday night. :) However, this time, I think it might actually happen.

Will's bp dropped again at 4 this morning. Another bolus was run and an hour later, it was still low. So, I suggested we run it a little faster and it started to climb. We doubled one of his bp meds, and finally, it is holding. As a matter of fact, it is holding at a level that we have not seen in a couple of years.

So since Saturday, he has had about 24 liters of fluid, loads of meds, and is finally returning to baseline. Surgery is still on. He will require a liter and a half of fluid a day while we are gone, though, to maintain his baseline. I have three days to get it all organized.

It has been a wild month. We had one trip to Ohio two weeks ago. Last week we had the grandkids and drove 740 medical miles and then drove to Scottsville to help Chelsea move. This week, Will and I lived at MCV. He and I leave Tuesday for as much as three weeks and arrangements for everything are very much incomplete. My younger kids wonder if I have moved. The older kids have become amazingly self sufficient. Erlene has totally stepped in and managed daily life for the littles. Angie continues to wash linens that never seem to otherwise get done. Friends and acquaintances and people totally unknown to us have made all of this a little more financially and emotionally bearable. So while it seems insanely overwhelming and exhausting, there are all of you holding up our arms and helping to carry the load for which I personally am so very grateful.

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