Monday, October 25, 2010

This was not what I had planned for my day!

Will is enjoying the hospitality of the PACU at MCV. We saw Dr. Aaronson this morning, had lots of lab work run, then talked to Dr. Teasley. She concluded that Will needed to be admitted so they could hydrate him and give IV Levocarnitine.

We are in the PACU which is their progressive unit, or the unit that is below the ICU in terms of level of care. It is a big room with multiple curtained "rooms" which aren't rooms at all. So, it is a bit noisy in that you hear everything with all of the other patients and their televisions, monitors, and conversations. So restful it isn't. However, the nurse's station is literally five steps away so should we have a crisis, help is right there.

I am exhausted. Will is tired, so we are ready for sleep. We will be awakened probably every two hours for lab work, additional fluids, medication, or vital signs. It is gonna be a long night.

As we try to resolve the metabolic crisis, we are looking forward toward Cincinnati next week. We hope to fly out next Tuesday, the 2nd. However, if we cannot resolve this quickly, the surgery will be postponed. It took three months to obtain a date this time, so another three months is just not helpful...the progression just continues...

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Laura aka Mama Ham said...

Hope you get some rest and are home soon :)