Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just the facts, ma'am

I keep thinking that I will have the time and emotional strength (at the same time) to get a decent update out, but that just hasn't happened. So here is the basic information so you guys know and can pray.

Will and I fly to Cincinnati October 11 for five days. We see the orthopedic on the 12th and the allergist on the 13th. We are doing a preliminary exam with the allergist just to rule out the whole EE issue. At least we hope to rule it out.

We will return home for two weeks, then Will and I will return Nov 2 for the Nov 3rd appointments wtih the orthodontist and plastic surgeon regarding the surgery on the ninth. We will remain in Ohio until the surgery. Travel is a challenge for William, and two trips in the same week may be too much for him. We really would hate to postpone the surgery due to a metabolic crisis, so we will just have to stay there.

Obviously with this much travel and the school tuition, finances are snug. Am I concerned? Yes. Do I trust that this is going to work out miraculously? Yes. It has happened before and I know that God is bigger than my budget. Am I worried about how William will handle the information regarding the surgery? Yes. I absolutely dread talking with him about it.

So, as I head to bed with a very heavy heart, I am grateful for the knowledge that God loves Will more than I do and He started us on this path and has promised to be with us...Prayers deeply appreciated.

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Keith said...


Faith Presbyterian Church will provide financial assistance to you for your Cincinnati trip next week. At the least we will cover any hotel and rental car expenses. A loaner car will be available on your next visit (after Oct 25). We are working out details and will get back to you in the next couple of days. There are many people here in Cincinnati aware of your situation and praying for your family.

Keith Riggs