Monday, October 11, 2010


How do I even explain the last few days? The grandkids spent the weekend with us which meant a late Friday night drive to Richmond to get them. We celebrated Chris's 16th birthday on Sunday. The washing machine had been down, so I was also trying to catch up on laundry so I could pack. Caroline came down with a stomach virus as Chris's party was starting. Cam followed later that evening. Billy isolated them and himself in an effort to protect everyone else. We discussed whether we should cancel the Ohio trip, but seeing the allergist before the surgery was the best choice, so we moved forward.

We decided that moving forward with the appointments was the best choice, so today, Will and I flew to Cincinnati. But as we arrived, I realized I had the virus. Tonight, William is ill. We are safely ensconsed in a hotel room with a kitchen, soup, crackers, ginger, ginger ale, and water. Will is so far holding his own. I am in a holding pattern, trying to determine if I need to start an IV now to prevent him from becoming hypotensive or do I wait and see how he does? Oh, this is so not fun.

All of that being said, we are so far coping. We are north of the city this time, staying at a hotel using points earned at another hotel. :) We are really convenient to a SuperTarget and Costco which is incredibly helpful given the current situation. Having a kitchen makes this so much easier. Progresso soup, a microwave, crackers, bananas, and popsicles means we can simply rest and try to recover instead of having to find food that would be safe to eat tonight. Lord willing, we will feel better tomorrow in time for the doctor's appointment.

Despite the incredible difficulty involved in getting here (again!),we have been so blessed. We were blessed with sufficient funds to cover the trip, angel flights, a hotel with a kitchen that has a grocery store literally around the corner, a rental car that doesn't make me cough, friends at home who pray for us and help us through the daily travails of our current situation, and friends here in Cincinnati who are willing to befriend people they don't know and walk a difficult path with them.

So while I occasionally want to stomp my foot and scream, "Seriously???" I am reminded that while we are indeed placed on this incredibly difficult path, we trust that Christ does indeed walk this with us and, even, carries us and all of this.

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B & K said...

Dear Nancy, Just letting you know prayers were being lifted to the throne on y'all's behalf throughout the day yesterday; will continue praying, especially the
'prayer that never fails ~ Thy will be done...' We love y'all. In His Grace, Kay for all the Oberlins