Friday, October 29, 2010

Tomorrow...Tomorrow...We will go home...tomorrow.

It is always a day away.

The 4 am drop in blood pressure that created the need for another bolus of fluid is likely going to cause a cancelation of our discharge. They said maybe we could go home tonight...and maybe not. We are waiting on Dr. Teasley to make that call.

She is fabulous, our Dr. T. Everything she is doing is to help Will successfully arrive in Ohio in time for his surgery. I am grateful for her steadfast determination and care for Will. But it is so discouraging to "know" you are going home in the morning and then...not.

The area in which we reside has zero windows. Neither of us has walked out of the hospital since we arrived Monday. Time has a way of standing still and marching on all at the same time. Will woke up from a nap a couple of days ago and said, "It is nighttime?" Yes. It was 8 PM.

So when we do finally get our walking papers, then I will let ya know.

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