Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another ER...

We couldn't escape it. We are sitting in the ER at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. I let Will sleep late this morning since his IV finished so late last night. Well, that was probably a mistake. He woke up really late, grabbed a shower, and then we left for the aquarium where we were meeting Becky and Brian. We grabbed food on the way. It was obviously too late...he should have eaten much sooner.

He was looking pretty rough but said he was ok. Well, he wasn't. Thirty minutes into the aquarium, he says, "Can we go? I just need to lay down." The translation of that is, "I am in a metabolic crisis and I need D10 1/2 Normal Saline by IV." Which translates to, "Would you please drive me to the hospital so they can give me fluids til I feel better?"

So here we are in the ER. Becky and Brian were able to enjoy the aquarium without us, but she dropped by later with Chipotle for us. Yay! Real food! Chipotle is one of the few fast food restaurants that is safe for Will, provided he avoids the corn and milk products.

I have no idea if we will end up here overnight. I hope not, but I am not discounting the possibility. I really just hope that he is able to respond to the one bag of D10 so that he can get a really good night's sleep. Either way, we are grateful for friends, a good hospital, and real food.

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Oberlin Family said...

Hi Nancy, Didn't get notified of the updates until this a.m. but we're praying for you. Hope y'all were able to get out of the ER last
night ~ Praying that today(Sunday) will be better for both you and Will.
Love and prayers,
Kay and Bob