Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Round 2...or is it 42?

Will and I head back to Cincinnati tomorrow...which by the time you read this, means today. Our Angel Flight pilot will be picking us up at the Stafford Regional Airport and flying us directly to Cincinnati. To my knowledge, there is still a pilot needed for the second leg of the return trip, but hopefully that won't be an issue. We've learned how to cope with epic adventures, so I guess we will cross that bridge when Tuesday arrives if Cathy isn't able to locate a second pilot.

We test drove Will's new pump and backpack this evening. He was thrilled with his mobility and the fact that Ruth, the cake eating puppy, wasn't tripping over his tubing. Will could actually go upstairs and get his clothes packed while attached to his lifeline. Very cool indeed! The pump itself is more noisy than the old one, but noise vs mobility...mobility wins. :) He isn't exactly wanting to test drive the freedom out in public, but the fact that he can go anywhere he wants while infusing is amazing.

I am totally brain dead. I am sitting here staring at this white screen thinking, "Um, that is a blank screen." :) I wanna say, "Man, I'm really concerned about this trip and what will happen both enroute as well as what the doctors will say." But to say I am worried seems wrong because I am not. I just am concerned for the situation and for how Will will handle whatever news comes his way. He is significantly weaker on one side than the other at this point, he wants out of this brace (which would really be amazing for the rest of the summer...think beach!), and there is still the Make A Wish Foundation trip that cannot be scheduled until he comes out of the brace. He has had to contend with so much this year that I just don't know how to help him process the news if it isn't positive or if he has significant issues during the trip...

So I am going to tuck my tired brain into bed and pray for sweet rest. Tomorrow begins the next step in what has been such a long process....

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