Friday, July 23, 2010

School Decisions

We arrived home from our epic adventure in June and, the next day, I left for the home schooling convention in Richmond. The goal was to find a solution to our impossible school situation. While we had help a couple of days a week this past year, the kids still lack the consistency of school that is so needed for progression. When you spend your whole life reviewing, you don't move forward.

Well, there really was no good solution available for the little guys. But how do you home school when you aren't home and aren't able to take them with you? So I looked at video, but for kids already suffering from isolation, that is a horrid solution. Looked at private schools...which we cannot possibly afford. So, here I am faced with the dilemna of do I put them in public school (which makes me shudder...we live in a district with horrid schools) or do I continue to muddle along which I believe at this point is unfair to them. They need more than what I can give them right now - academically, emotionally, and physically.

Today I talked to a local Christian Montessori School. I toured the school, talked with the owner, and was actually pleasantly surprised at the philosophy of this school and with the heart of the owner toward the kids. So maybe we have a solution! And then we talked finances. And that door is now shut. Even though he is willing to provide some level of scholarship, the amount of scholarship that we would need is outlandish. There is no way this is going to work.

So what do we do? I honestly have no clue. I am at a total and complete loss as to how to move forward for all of them, except Will. His is the only curriculum with which I have any peace or confidence.

As we face Will's impending surgery, the need for decisions regarding school next year, and daily life with a son whose health has further deteriorated, I'm just exhausted and have no idea how to move forward...

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B & K said...

Nancy, First, we are praying. Next, I'll be brainstorming, then I'll be calling you in the next day or so. Take heart, my friend; I know it seems like y'all have had a load of "crap" dumped in your lives, doesn't it? I just read somewhere, the other day, that it takes a lot of manure to grow a garden and produce good fruit ~ I imagine the Lord is planning to give y'all a plentiful harvest of excellent fruit! Love and prayers, Kay