Saturday, July 17, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

We had a bizarre day yesterday. We met friends for lunch which was so nice, saw the orthopedic which was a difficult appointment, dropped by Guest Services which ended up being very cool, then headed back to the hotel for an IV which did not make Will happy.

So, yesterday, we met Becky and Brian G at Fountain Square for lunch. It was an interesting trip in that Helga, the GPS, had no idea where Fountain Square was, and my blackberry was moving like molasses on a cold winter's day. I had to return to the hotel. I typed the correct address from the desk clerk in to Helga, and she wanted us to go right instead of left. Um, no. I don't think so. The desk clerk said left. After telling us she was recalculating about ten times, she said, in an exasperated voice, "Please make a legal u-turn as soon as possible." Good night, Helga. :)

So we met Brian and Becky and had lunch at a cool little diner that Carl's grandfather used to take him to. It reminds me of Goolricks back home...only bigger and with no pharmacy. :) Even the colors were similar. We enjoyed our conversation and then headed to the observation tower. Becky grew up in Cincinnati, so she pointed out some of the buildings and explained their history and then talked about the church tour she took a few years ago. She told me about Findley Market, which I would love to visit some Saturday when Will doesn't need to sleep for fourteen hours. :)

We headed to the hospital (Helga was reinstated!) for our appointment with Dr. Crawford. Dr. Crawford is a tall, older gentleman with a stately bearing. He is so pleasant. His favorite statement is, "I put the metal in, but God fuses the bone." Yesterday, we didn't hear that...we did hear, "There is progress. We will see you again in six weeks." When he asked if I had any questions, he listened to my concerns, and I feel like he understood for the first time the urgency of the situation. He then stated that we could do the next surgery as long as we keep him in the collar after that surgery. He will chat with Dr. Crone on Monday. I don't know that Dr. Crone will agree, but Dr. Crawford finally does grasp that we aren't just treading water here. The storm is getting rough and Will is deteriorating.

We left that appointment. Will was a bit of a mess because he was still stuck with the collar. I headed to Guest Services to make plans on what to do for the weekend...The lady who runs that desk is amazing. She remembered us from our previous trips and asked Will how he was doing. He basically grunted a response. She handled it fabulously and realized that Will was needing some encouragement without my having to say a word. She clapped her hands and said, "I have the perfect thing for you!" and dashed into the back of the office. She came back with this huge grin and said, "You are a Reds fan! We just got these!" She then handed us two tickets to club seats at Sunday's game (air conditioning and catered food) and a parking pass. No way. We had looked for tickets to a game, but they were a little expensive and it was way too hot. This is like Christmas in July. Woohoo!

Those little tickets were so encouraging to Will. He was physically not doing well and emotionally just done, but the tickets gave him such a boost. We got into the car and he said, "I need fluids." which I already knew but was trying to figure out how to not make his day any worse by telling him he was going to have to have an IV that evening. So we headed to pick up new pads for his brace (which of course insurance won't cover) and then back to the hotel for food and an IV.

So this afternoon we are heading to the aquarium with Becky and Brian for a few hours. Tomorrow we will attend their church and then see a baseball game. Monday is the doctor's appointment, and we were given tickets to the Reds Hall of Fame. Sunday is the biggest energy expenditure, so hopefully Will will tolerate it well.

We really have been so blessed with friends who care, people and businesses who help make time in the city a bit more manageable for those visiting for medical care, and friends and family back home who are helping to keep things moving forward.

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