Monday, July 19, 2010

I Just Wanna Go Home

We saw Dr. Crone this morning. When we explained what happened on the last trip home, he asked a few questions then stated, "So we need to get moving on this next surgery." Yep. He believes that the team can be coordinated in about three weeks. Dr. Crone then told us that we needed to return to Dr. Crawford's office.

Apparently Dr. Crawford had shown Will's most recent xray to a colleague, and they agreed that Will's neck was tilted too far forward. So, Dr. Crone sent us back to Dr. Crawford's office where Will was fitted with a new brace...a much bigger brace that actually tilts his head back and holds it much more snugly.

While Greg from The Brace Shop was fitting Will's brace, Will was just fighting big tears. He refused to shed them, but mine certainly fell. It was just heartbreaking to see him recognize that he would be further limited in his mobility. This brace doesn't hide beneath his clothes like the other did, so he is much more self conscious. And worse, he is physically uncomfortable with the position in which the new brace keeps him.

Will still recognizes the sovereignty of God, but he is extremely discouraged, uncomfortable, and sincerely not looking forward to the pain of surgery. At this point, Will just wants to go home.

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