Friday, July 23, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

There should be a sign on my monitor that pops up at the stroke of midnight that says, "Do NOT update the blog!" I'm not a night person, so not only are the updates poorly written after midnight, but they reflect the anguish that appears when I'm exhausted.

So last night, the sign didn't appear and I poured out my anguish on my blog and am now totally regretting that. I mean, really, when will I ever learn that sharing all of my lovely deep fears that are founded in anything but faith do NOT need to be heard by everyone who, for some bizarre reason, signed up to actually receive this blog in their inbox?

So, that being said, I am still in anguish, but the sun is shining (a little too warmly, thank you!) and I do realize that my children's education is firmly within God's very capable domain and the fact that they are struggling in their hearts is also very much within His very capable domain. And the fact that I am incapable of figuring this out is really least for a few more days. :)

So, I do apologize for being a little too blunt...and I will ask the engineer in the family to create a sign on my monitor that will automatically pop up every night at midnight that says, "Do not push 'send' until after 7 AM!"

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